Family Law

Divorce, to legally dissolve one’s marriage, is and will be one of the most difficult endeavors undertaken. As such, any matter involving your relationship or kids is of utmost importance to us. It is imperative to reach out and obtain the highest level of counsel to support you through this transition. Family Law matters are overwhelming and highly emotional. However, with the advice and guidance of the right counsel, the process can be streamlined and maneuvered with the least amount of life disruption possible. It is important to find counsel that is respected, but also meshes with your personality and takes the time to explain the process and the legal system. We hope to meet you to see if we can assist you in your matter.

The legal system is complex with deadlines and specific requirements. Some cases require legal counsel, while others simply require a set of attorneys eyes double checking that everything is done correctly. To that realm, our practice offers multiple levels of engagement:

PAPERWORK REVIEW: Our staff reviews the court provided forms to ensure that your intent will be carried out and that the paperwork accurately reflects your intent.

FULL REPRESENTATION: Our office is retained to fully represent you in the entire dissolution/family law matter.

COLLABORATIVE LAW/MEDIATION: Our office assists in the amicable resolution of your divorce or family law matter in a non-litigation atmosphere. We do not represent either party, but instead act as a mediator to facilitate the finalization of your divorce.

Our practice is committed to our clients. We take each of our client’s unique circumstances and find the best possible results. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your matter. Please call for an initial consultation and let us know which route you would like to explore.  


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