Probate is the process of the Court administering the estate of a deceased loved one. Anyone who passes with assets (with or without a will) will typically be required to go through probate in some capacity. Oregon has two types of probate estates: a simple estate proceeding and standard probate proceeding. Which one you will need will depend on the value of the assets.

Simple estates are only for assets that are of lower value (real property under $200,000 and tangible goods/cash under $75,000) whereas a full probate is needed when the property value is higher than the simple estate threshold, or if there are complications of the administration. While probate is not typically a difficult process, it can be time consuming and almost always requires the assistance of a lawyer. If a loved one passed and you are in need of someone to assist you with probate matters, please feel free to give us a call and set up an initial consultation.