Estate Planning

Thinking about death is not a subject most people want to think about. We get that. However, failing to properly prepare for the inevitable is a recipe for disaster and can significantly increase costs to your loved ones or complicate their grieving process by having them deal with a mess. A proper estate plan will cover the distribution of your assets after your death, deal with incapacity or incompetency pre-death, and deal with end of life care. Most people just need a simple will, power of attorney, advance directives, and directives to physicians. Some more complicated needs may benefit from a revocable trust. While a trust can simplify the post-death transition of assets, it can also lead to greater litigation. It is important to know the pros and cons of each path and have expert guidance in deciding what is right for you and your family. Every person and family unit is unique. This is why every estate plan is discussed in detail and specifically drafted with your needs and desires. If you have questions about what is right for you, please give us a call.

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