Parenting Class

Children experience as much emotional trauma during a divorce as their parents do. Most experts agree that divorce is the most wrenching and devastating emotional event that a child will go through, especially if it is handled incorrectly by parents. In fact, studies show the 20% of children will suffer permanent psychological damage as a result of trauma brought on by their parents’ divorce. Unfortunately, parents are too often so caught up in their own problems that they do not see what is happening to the children.

Most Counties require a parenting classes whenever there is an issue of custody or parenting time. Below are Clackamas County, Yamhill County, Marion County, Multnomah County and Washington County Parenting class information.

You will be required, prior to the trial OR before being allowed to take default to take the class or a substitute. Do not put this off. For more information call the numbers below.


Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change – Cost is $70.00, reduced to $55 if registered before filing, or within 15 days of filing. Contact 503 655 8415 or


Children Cope with Divorce – Cost $50.00 @ YWCA of Salem, Contact: 503 581‐9922 or


Cost: $70 Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change:   Contact: 503 988 3037 or


Kids Turn ‐Hosted by Youth Contact & Washington County Family Circuit Court

Cost $230. Contact 503 846 0665 or download forms at:


Kids First – Cost $40.00. Contact 503 434 7459

If you don’t see your County, go to

For a full list of all the county parenting classes.